CFEO Academic Scholarship Donation



The Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunity, Inc., known also as the CFEO, was organized in 1992 to administer memorial and other funds in the interest of Caldwell School District students, faculty, staff and patrons. The Foundation adopted a Mission Statement which reads, in part, “…..(support the) pursuit of education whether that pursuit is the key to virtue, to living the good life, to advance society or is directed to intellect or the character of their soul, or to things useful or the essentials in their lives, or the lives of others.” The student chosen to receive this prestigious award will be a student found to be well-rounded, having been involved in academic, extracurricular, and service oriented activities. The student will be evaluated on these pursuits, with an emphasis on the response to the essay question regarding the student’s personal experience with the values in the Mission Statement of the Foundation.