Student ID Number28818
NameImanol Cordova
What is your GPA3.02
What high school do you attend? (CHS or CSHS)CHS
Where have you applied for further education?

Boise State University
Idaho State University
University of Idaho
Northwest Nazarene University
Lewis-Clark State College

What is your inteded major/speciality?Computer Science and Computer Engineering
In 200 words or less please explain why you are choosing this major/specialty

I want to major in Computer Science as well as Computer Engineering because I have always had an interest in computers. Since I was little, I’ve always tried to get my hands on anything technology related, it wasn’t long until I found out what interested most in the technology aspect. It was in middle school where I took a Pre-Engineering class. and it’s so exciting and I learned new computer functions. It was the most exciting computer engineering fun I had. Recently I had an opportunity to work at an internship for a month at Boise State University with the TECHHELP company. We worked with small food companies keeping track of their data and tried to get approval of other food companies to work with TECHHELP company. I got the chance to go in depth of what TECHHELP does and why they try to keep working with small companies. I got close with the employees and learned what their role was with TECHHELP;it was interesting what they do and how they do their role. As I had experiences in both Computer Engineering and Computer Science, these majors I would love to pursue a career in in the near future.

1. What are your educational goals? Specifically list your planned major and minor courses of study. What do you plan to do with your education?

I plan to attend Boise State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science and computer engineering. I also plan on going onto my master’s degree in computer science. A goal I have set is to maintain a 3.5 GPA. Recently I attended Mosaic at BSU and learned about amazing programs such as SAGE scholars, TRIO Rising Scholars, and CAMP. Seeing the programs Boise State offers encouraged me to want to join. I am part of the TRIO Upward Bound Program and it has impacted me academically and has provided me with countless opportunities. Thus, it's important for me to join the TRIO Rising Scholars Program. SAGE Scholars is a program for engineering and computer science major students. I want to be part of the SAGE Scholars Program because it can help me make connections with the people and help guide me in my majors. CAMP helps students who once were a seasonal farmworker or children of such workers. I heard that many people benefited from being involved in CAMP and were offered countless opportunities.

I want to work in Idaho to be close to my family. When I receive my degree, I want to work with technology companies like HP and Dell, or work with companies in the gaming industry. I also want to give back to my community. I will be able to provide to my community, such as schools and churches, with the best technology available at a very low cost. Students will be able to benefit from it and take advantage of it to help themselves. Technology can make learning and teaching effective and more fun for teachers and students, and continue students’ education. I also want to hold conferences, events at schools, churches and in my community providing opportunities and knowledge around STEM.

What extracurricular activities or events have you participated in during high school?

The extracurricular activities I have participated in are varsity soccer, club soccer, and TRIO Upward Bound. In varsity soccer, my team and I won back-to-back state and districts. For club soccer, I was offered a spot on the team due to my performances in high school soccer but later had to leave the team due to an upcoming surgery. In TRIO Upward Bound and the TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program, I was always involved in communities. I participated in multiple events TRIO Upward Bound offered to me.

3. What is the most impactful experience that you have had as a participant in TRIO Upward Bound?

The most impactful experience I had as a participant in TRIO Upward Bound was the involvement I contributed to communities and my ability to interact with people. I remember when I first joined the program, I always tried to be the ghost in the crowd and not socialize with others. It was very difficult trying to interact and fit in. These were problems of mine; however, they eventually went away with the help of the program. The program helped me by offering me to attend events and doing service in my community.

I remember my sophomore year I was offered to attend the First Generation Celebration by my Educational Specialist. He kept telling me about the conference and with my level of shyness, I didn’t want to attend. Eventually, he persuaded me to go to the conference and I’m thankful he persuaded me to go. Ever since the conference, I felt more comfortable going to events and offering service in communities. I kept getting more out of my comfort zone and interacting with people throughout my involvement with TRIO Upward Bound.

One thing that impacted me most was the summer program offered by TRIO Upward Bound. Summer program definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I made new friendships, I was constantly involved in the community and interacted with others, and socialized with others at our afternoon activities. Thinking back from when I first joined the program when I was the “ghost in the crowd” to today, I can proudly say that TRIO Upward Bound impacted me dramatically.

Other than financial, what is the biggest obstacle you face to completing college? What resources will you utilize to help you overcome this obstacle?

Other than financial, the biggest obstacles I will face to completing college is leaving my family and not having them by my side to have that support and care for me throughout college. My parents are very hardworking, caring and supportive. Growing up I always had that from my parents and they always made things easier for me in general. I remember when I underwent surgery on my chest, I was not able to participate in physical activities for six months in which I was devastated. The moment I was out of surgery I could hardly move; it was a struggle everyday after. My mom took a month off work and my dad took a couple of weeks off to care for and support me through my struggles. Seeing what big of a thing my parents did for me shows how caring and supportive they are. I am thankful and appreciative of the love and support they showed to me growing up. I will not have that care and support from my parents by my side everyday, which is a big loss for me when heading off to college.

I want to get involved to overcome this obstacle. I want to get involved as much as I can so make new friendships throughout college and have connections with others to build up my support system. When I head off to college I won’t have to worry about my support system at home as much because I plan on getting involved to help overcome the loss of not having my parents with me everyday.

5. What will it mean to you to be the recipient of The Opportunity Fund?

To be the recipient of the Opportunity Fund would mean many things to me. For me personally, it would be one of the proudest moments of my high school career. It would be one of the proudest moments of my high school career because I would make history to be the first ever TRIO Upward Bound student to receive the first ever TRIO Upward Bound scholarship.

Filling out this application is intimidating, seeing my fellow peers filling out their applications next to me. I worry a lot about my application because my classmates have higher GPAs than me, take more advanced classes, are involved in my community more than me and are better writers than me. This is why I worry about my self-value and constantly feel like I’m not worthy of this scholarship. At one point filling out this application, I was thinking about myself and being self-conscious and I kept comparing myself with my classmates and thinking I am 100% not winning the award. Being the recipient of this prestigious award shows that I am worthy and shows no matter what I may think others have over me, I have value.

Also, another meaningful thing to be the recipient of this award would be my family. Growing up my family supported and cared for me at my high and low points in life and overcame struggling obstacles to provide me with the benefits and opportunities I have today.

6. To what organizations or events have you offered service during high school? What was the most rewarding volunteer experience that you have had, and why?

The organizations I’ve offered service to during high school include The American Cancer Relay for Live, the Idaho Coalition against Sexual and Domestic Violence, Foothills Learning Center and more. The Service Learning class and I helped prepare the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event by measuring certain distances on the track field, setting up signs, and giving out tickets. We also made bags of treats and t-shirts for when the people who participated crossed the finish line.
At The Foothills Learning Center, I was involved in the process of finalizing their app that can see the whole terrain in their area. There were marks marked on the app that you go to in the real world and what I had to do is beta test the app by walking to certain spots to make sure the app was working correctly. We also had to landscape areas of the terrain. such as pulling weeds, shoveling dirt and rocks.
Our community holds events in poor barrios where we offer healthcare services and boxes of foods to the underresourced families. This certain event meant to me the most because my family and I were in similar positions as the families who were in need of help at one point in my life where my family and I struggled a lot.

7. How do you plan to fund your post-secondary education? If you have worked during high school describe what you have done.

Last fall I applied for FAFSA and received the Pell Grant since there are multiple living in my house and my parent's income is low. When I was applying for FAFSA, there was an option for work-study and applied to it. I was awarded a work-study at Boise State University. I am in the process of applying to scholarships. I am eligible for CAMP at Boise State University. At CAMP, they offer scholarships and weekly stipends. The Pell Grant I received, my work-study money and the opportunities from CAMP, I can use that money to pay for my college tuition. If I fall short on my college tuition, I plan on working over the summer to try to pay for the rest of my college tuition.

I work as a landscaper and my main job as a landscaper is to make the outsides of people's houses look better than before. The type of work I do is mowing lawns, trimming and cutting, installing sprinkler systems, planting, creating gardens and flowerbeds. I have about 40 clients but we start gathering more during the summer. In the summer, work gets very busy and I work about 35 hours a week but later goes to 10 hours a week once school is in session.