Student ID Number27926
NameJose Gonzalez
What is your GPA3.20
What high school do you attend? (CHS or CSHS)CHS
Where have you applied for further education?

College of Idaho, Idaho
Boise Sates University, Idaho
Oregon University, Oregon

What is your inteded major/speciality?Criminology & Sociology
In 200 words or less please explain why you are choosing this major/specialty

I want to invest my time in these majors because they are necessary for the career I want to go in to. My goal is to become a Parole Officer or a Defense lawyer. I have a passion for creating a better environment for young adolescents in search of a better life. Giving one a second chance to change and grow as a person. Also, to defend anyone that's being accused of something they didn’t do and give them a fighting chance to see their families. Not only is my passion to help others, but also criminology is fascinating to study and to understand what provokes those who commit crimes. With Sociology, I've found that it's not just communications but more about culture, society, and relationships. To get a full understanding of how these work in the world today gives rise to my curiosity and makes me want to learn everything I can.

1. What are your educational goals? Specifically list your planned major and minor courses of study. What do you plan to do with your education?

My educational goals for myself are to go to college that gives me the best opportunity to succeed in what I want to do for a career going forward. In college I want to study criminology and have a minor in sociology. With my education in these courses,I plan to pursue a career in law. With the knowledge I will gain from college I want to go one to become a Lawyer, Policemen, or a Parole Officer.

What extracurricular activities or events have you participated in during high school?

Caldwell highschool Football
Caldwell high school Basketball
Caldwell high school Track
Caldwell high school Golf
Boise State Trio Upward Bound

3. What is the most impactful experience that you have had as a participant in TRIO Upward Bound?

The most impactful experiences I’ve had as a TRIO participant is being part of a service learning group. Because I had such an outgoing and spontaneous teacher Mrs. Tia Short, it made for my first summer with the TRIO program a joyful one. One of the many experiences I enjoyed about the the program was having our group go out in the community with Jack's urban meeting place (JUMP) in Boise. They gave us a microphone, a cam recorder, and we interviewed people in the community. We went and asked willing people questions about what they enjoyed about life. Some of the responses that were given influenced my life to becoming a better person. Enjoy the little things that come through your life because one day they might be gone within seconds. Being able to get involved with my community and being able to grow from the word of others.

Other than financial, what is the biggest obstacle you face to completing college? What resources will you utilize to help you overcome this obstacle?

Over my years in high school I have struggled with little assignments that turn into multiple assignments. A lot of things that are really easy to do but I keep putting them off and then sooner or later one assignment for me turns into ten. Then I would struggle to get them all in by the due date. Which would lead me to stress and have to ask my teachers for extensions on the due dates. In college I plan to get a tutor, to help me with the things that I would otherwise not other stand with out help from a peer. All so starting to ask for more help when I need it, instead of just trying to do everything on my own. This is my biggest struggle going into college and as much as it's good it made me struggle more than I had to. To hurdle over this going to college, I want to go get involved with other TRIO programs in college to help me with my classes and stay on top of my work.

5. What will it mean to you to be the recipient of The Opportunity Fund?

To be a recipient of this scholarship would mean my work is not for nothing and that anything is possible if you set your heart and your grind to it. My family has very few people who have gone on to college. Going forward, this scholarship would mean I would be the first in my family to go to college. Not only that, but also seeing my family's eyes light up at the end of the day. Knowing that they are proud of my accomplishment and the endless hours of work that I put in. Receiving this scholarship isn’t just about me. It would be about every challenge I've gone through with school and the things that surround my life. It’s beyond the books, the essays, the math tests, the good and the bad. It’s not about that, now it's about repaying the people that invested in me and how I can change the place I grew up in a better place than I found it. I want to further my education at the University of Idaho, and major in criminology, to make Caldwell a better place for the generations behind me. I am deserving of this scholarship, because I believe nobody has put in the amount of work I’ve put in every day in the classroom. To put myself in the position to show my worth to give my best every single time I step foot in the classroom. This is why I am deserving of this scholarship, because in the end it's not about what the money it's about believing that the process is more important than the product and imposing my will on getting to college.

6. To what organizations or events have you offered service during high school? What was the most rewarding volunteer experience that you have had, and why?

During the summer my TRIO upward bound teacher Tia took us on a visit to a homeless shelter in Boise. Where the homeless were given a meal, giving water, and a clean bed. Although the shelter could only take in a limited amount of people. There were people sitting down outside and it was over 90 degrees outside. People didn’t have water to keep hydrated or sunscreen to protect their skin. So we as a group went out and bought like 5 cases of water bottles and a few dozen bottles of sunscreen. We then went back and within the first 15 minutes we were left with only a few water bottles and a few sunscreen bottles. We gave those away as well, but it changed the way I looked at my life. When I saw the amount of people living on the streets it made me think about my life and how blessed I am. The reward for me was the humbling of myself and continuing to count my blessings.

7. How do you plan to fund your post-secondary education? If you have worked during high school describe what you have done.

My education will be mainly fueled by scholarships and grants. I want to attend the University of Idaho, because I feel that this school gives me the best opportunity to grow. I have received a Diversity scholarship, as well as State of Idaho Opportunity scholarship. Both scholarships from the University of Idaho, totaling together for 2, 500 in guaranteed scholarship funds. Both are going towards this upcoming fall semester in 2021. As well as I will be receiving a pell grant for 6,500, putting me at 9,000 in guaranteed money going towards college tuition. Even with this 9,000, I would still be 9,000 dollars more in tuition debt. With the scholarships from CFEO and other local scholarships I will have just enough to go to college and only will have to work for about 2,000 dollars more. In high school I applied to Panda Express, I’ve worked there for about a year. My job consisted of serving customers and cashing them out on the register. After the store closed; I would either mop or squeegee the floors, restock the drink station, wipe down the display glass, and clean out the tea barrels. Doing this 2 times a week making good money, most of what I make goes into my savings for college and the rest for gas or food. But with the money I save I will be putting it towards my college savings.