Student ID Number55555
NameRandy Seals
What is your GPA3.9
What high school do you attend? (CHS or CSHS)CHS
Where have you applied for further education?


What is your inteded major/speciality?Computer Science
In 200 words or less please explain why you are choosing this major/specialty

TEsting 1234

1. What are your educational goals? Specifically list your planned major and minor courses of study. What do you plan to do with your education?

Educational goals1

What extracurricular activities or events have you participated in during high school?

extracurricular activi1

3. What is the most impactful experience that you have had as a participant in TRIO Upward Bound?

TRIO Upward Bound1

Other than financial, what is the biggest obstacle you face to completing college? What resources will you utilize to help you overcome this obstacle?

Biggest Obstacle1

5. What will it mean to you to be the recipient of The Opportunity Fund?


6. To what organizations or events have you offered service during high school? What was the most rewarding volunteer experience that you have had, and why?


7. How do you plan to fund your post-secondary education? If you have worked during high school describe what you have done.