Class of 77 Scholarship Donation



This scholarship was established by the members and supporters of the Caldwell High School Graduating Class of 1977 who enjoyed their high school experience to the fullest, whose memories are still fresh and whose fondness for Caldwell High School and the Caldwell community remains strong. While students at CHS, the Class of ’77 proudly adopted the phrase “Oh, thank heaven for ‘77”. This fund was established at 30th high school reunion of this Class. It is the intent of this Class to establish a scholarship to tangibly support a mission of Caldwell High School to prepare students for higher learning and to give back to the community in which so many memories were made and to continue a tradition of this class with a new high school graduate each year saying “Oh thank heaven for ‘77’”. Graduating Seniors of Caldwell High School who stand out in the following criteria will be nominated by administrators, staff, or faculty: 1. Demonstrated a consistent all-round “good kid” 2. Respected by peers and by those in authority 3. Demonstrated extra-curricular, leadership and/or mentoring involvement 4. Consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and solid good moral character 5. Minimum GPA accumulative grade point average of 2.5 NOTE TO STUDENTS: This scholarship is awarded through a nomination process. There is no online application for this scholarship.